Florentino is one of Melbourne’s most iconic dining venues beginning in 1928 and has influenced the changing hospitality and food culture in Melbourne. In 1999 it became Grossi Florentino after the Grossi family took its reigns. It is known and loved by many who have experienced the untiring hospitality of Grossi Florentino over the last century.

  • Grossi Florentino houses three areas, Cellar Bar, Grill
    and Florentino. Each venue is unique in style with
    a separate kitchen and menu but coherent in the
    values of Italian cooking and genuine hospitality.

  • Our food celebrates both Italian and Australian
    culture making reference to our past territory and
    its traditions and to our current territory from which
    we draw great produce and inspiration. We respect
    our environment to ensure that the produce and
    techniques we use are as sustainable as possible.

    We have strong relationships with our farmer’s
    and work closely with them to learn about the
    progressive practices that these craftsmen
    dedicate so much time to.

  • Ever evolving, our beverage program is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, giving contemporary appreciation for the classics whilst smaller producers still remain the focus.